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Friday, May 18, 2012

Olympic Sports Days

With the Olympics in mind why not try our Back to School Sports Day as your company summer event this year.

Take yourself back to the days when we competed in the annual school sports day, wearing our very best pumps and our coloured bibs. Running as fast as we could to get extra points for our teams and achieving hero status with our friends. There was nothing quite like the feeling of being asked to join the rest of the team on stage in assembly to raise the trophy.

Well here is the chance to revisit that moment or for those who never took stage at the end it is your moment to shine. Our back to School Sports Day incorporates all the games that we loved to hate. This brilliant event will definitely take you back!

After the initial briefing the group will be divided into teams and all teams will compete in 10 races over the course of the day.

This event is excellent for team building and is the perfect event for your corporate summer party!

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